ISKO PL aims at:

  • developing cooperation with Polish Librarians Association, Polish Society for Scientific Information and The International Specialized Terminology Organization as well as other professional organizations operating within the field of knowledge organization;

  • initiating cooperation with national ISKO chapters from neighbouring countries (Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany);

  • inspiring new research topics within the field of information and knowledge organization and management (first of all for collective research of ISKO members);

  • organizing ISKO International Conference in Cracow in 2014;

  • organizing ISKO PL Jubilee (25 Years of ISKO in Poland) International Session in 2019;

  • completing and updating information on ISKO PL on the official ISKO website;

  • completing ISKO collective boards with Polish representatives;

  • creating new local chapters;

  • participating in national and international ISKO conferences.
Project and its implementation have been executed by students of Information and Library Science at Jagiellonian University in Cracow.
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