The programme of Polish ISKO indicates the following directions of ISKO activities in Poland:

  • promoting ISKO in Poland and increasing the number of its members;

  • developing the net of websites "ISKO in Poland" offering, among other things, links to local institutions and centres where the members of ISKO Poland work, emphasizing reciprocal benefits for ISKO members and the scientific institutions they work for;

  • promoting and contributing to the periodical "Knowledge Organization" (KO);

  • preparing information on the activities of ISKO Poland for ISKO News in "KO";

  • participating in preparing the Knowledge Organization Literature in "KO";

  • developing current bibliography (in form of a database) of publications on knowledge organization published in Poland;

  • seting up a documentary centre of ISKO PL (information and knowledge organization and management) collecting and preserving deposited ISKO publications within the Department of Information Management (Institute of Information and Library Science, UJ);

  • participating of the members of ISKO PL in national, regional and international ISKO conferences;

  • stimulating and promoting research in the theory and practice of information and knowledge organization and management.
Project and its implementation have been executed by students of Information and Library Science at Jagiellonian University in Cracow.
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